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Buddhism is a word that holds different meanings for different people. It is also something which has become very much acquainted with the modern world. We feel however, that there is a discrepancy in the manner in which it is understood and interpreted, especially as pertaining to the aspects of Theravada Buddhism.

The most erroneous of these misinterpretations is the saying, that Buddhism is a religion. It is not now, nor has it ever been, a religion. It is a philosophy, a path which, if followed correctly, can help you to reach the state of Nirvana, a state of being, in which you break this never ending suffering, this never-ending cycle of life and death, once and for all.

The fundamental philosophy of Buddhism is to seek by yourself, the absolute truth of life and your suffering; it is not to follow blindly in the footsteps of others. Indeed it was Buddha himself who said not to religiously follow anything, not even the Dhamma which he imparted, but instead to understand and experience for yourself the truth.

It is by following this path that you will be able to see the truth for yourself, and only when you can see the truth, will you be able to resolve your problems and end the cycle of your suffering.

Buddhism is not a religion, but may be categorized as a philosophy which analyses life in all its intricacies. Here, everything concerning life, its environment, and all associated matter is analyzed to the minutest detail which goes beyond anything that anyone or science can imagine. Here you will find that all of your problems are analyzed in minute detail.

It is in effect an exact science of life, which no scientific tool or measurement existing today, or indeed ever, will be able to match. Only the mind of a person will be able to probe into these minutest of matters because, simply stated, the mind is the fastest machine that will ever exist; no machine that is ever built will be able to match the speed of a mind which has been highly developed.

It is by probing into this exact science of life that we will be able to discover the solutions and the truth for ourselves, and through no other means.